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Wednesday, March 21, 2012, 12:59 PM
Watched a korean movie last night.
It's too nice that i can randomly blog about it.
Title of it is called Always

Was browsing through my PPS on iPad before i sleep and this movie poster caught my attention, so i went on and click on it. 
im so totally in love with this kind of sad love story, especially when it's an actor that i admire.

How not to be attracted by this kinda movie poster and the actor.
Gosh! His eyes can talk.. 

Super nice movie!!
The impact was the very last dialogue.
tears running down after the last scene fade out.
It was a perfect ending with perfect 对白.
Should watch!!

OK.this awesome actor is called So Ji Sub.
Heart melts by looking at his eyes.
He's really a good actor!!
Love it!

Sunday, February 05, 2012, 12:28 PM
Came to do some Last Minute Spring Cleaning on my blog.haha.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.... all these apps makes me lazy to blog.
Reason Number 1: nobody will come to my blog and read, only me, myself and i. So what for?
Reason 2: Lazy.
Reason 3: Even i find that my blog is boring.hahaha
Reason 4: because i am to occupied with my life, with family, loved ones and friends =D

Seriously, other than full time bloggers and people who have nothing do, who will blog everyday???
and have found more interesting stuffs to do other than blogging, like watching dramas =D

Okie.no more nonsense.
CNY is coming to an end.
all the 算命师 on tv say those born in the Year of Snake will be very 旺 on 龙年.
this CNY i dont see that coming true...ALL TELL LIES.
BUT after doing some reasearch...
I found the reason y =DD
Because the YEAR of Dragon doesnt starts on the First Day of Chinese New Year.
It starts on Early Feb.
Wahaha. now i know why those 龙 suddenly so 旺 on CNY.
so now their time is over. 滚一边去! *evil laughter* 
Years of Snake FTW!

Its a very impt year for me.
My last sem of school, and my official step to the working life.
SO not looking forward to the latter.
But i need to earn MONEY!
Yes, my motivation to work is only Money, MOney and MONEY!
Haha $_$

Anyway, 祝大家好运!
gotta go back to whatever i was doing =D


Sunday, November 27, 2011, 2:04 AM
黄丽玲(A-Lin) -不是不满足

朋友们 羡慕有他来接我回家
不懂我是多盼望 能再多留一下

她们说 自由很宽世界也很大
哪里海洋最浪漫 能治生活疲乏
狠心离得开 总会变成摩擦
责任会让爱 有另一种复杂
不能太倔强 太有想法
妥协到快遗忘自己 有些害怕

我真的不是不满足 只是会想假如
有过疯狂和任性糊涂 腻了炫耀的舞步
会更懂得 安定有多舒服
不嫌弃爱得太朴素 甘心被 绑住

她们说 自由很宽世界也很大
哪里海洋最浪漫 能治生活疲乏
不能太倔强 太有想法
妥协到快遗忘自己 有些害怕

其实我不是不满足 只是会想假如
若心没那么早被俘掳 就能逛更多旅途
会更懂得 什么才算幸福
也许不停被人辜负 才会珍惜呵护笑得泪眼模糊
我真的不是不满足 只是会想假如
有过疯狂和任性糊涂 腻了炫耀的舞步
会更懂得 安定有多舒服
不嫌弃爱得太朴素 甘心被 绑住

我真的不是不满足 只是会想假如
有过疯狂和任性糊涂 腻了炫耀的舞步
会更懂得 安定有多舒服
不嫌弃爱得太朴素 甘心被 绑住 
黄丽玲 - 无路可退



再不要怪罪 逃离每个错与对

说过那些誓言 给彼此 还没实现

让我 勇敢的是人会变
我不是委屈 无路可退
走了多远 爱转变

A-Lin(黄丽玲) - 我们会更好的
请看着我 说你还爱我 
谁都有错 也谁都没错 

既然是爱的 就不该放了 

知道吗你的笑 对我有多重要 

我是真的以为爱你是 幸福的 

知道吗你的笑 对我有多重要 
我是真的以为爱你是 幸福的  

Sunday, August 14, 2011, 4:07 PM
I'm so lazy to update =(
Have been watching dramas and browsing through my notes everyday =X
GOnna post some pictures.
Taken on Darren's Birthday @ Mystery

 Preparing to head out =)

 Happy Birthday Darren!
I see that u're serious in making ur wish come true =) 

 Lovely couple

 Real Brothers

 Just Brothers 

 Here comes the Sisters =)
 Duno who came up with this idea.Hahha.

 aww~~ sweet =)

My Baby boy =)
He's abit high ald.Hahha.
Love you =)

I shall make it a habit to find something to blog everyday.haha.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011, 6:03 PM
Elmo 22nd Birthday Celebration @ Mullingan

 Elmo was called up to sing a song! Hahha
I forgot to take a picture of the loving part =X

Big Dinner =D
Thanks for the treat Elmo!

 Oops, so happen to take this shot.
Haha.sweet couple =)

Yes, Transformer at IMAX.
Soo expensive, but worth it i suppose =D


, 5:30 PM
Alright, just came back from Us trip =D
But im gonna update stuffs before my trip,haha
Gf's pictures =D

 On Alson's car, on our way for gf's wedding dress fitting =D

 Super nice range of dresses! 

 Secretly took a pic =X

Next up!
Meeting up with Xing, Eve and Manda =D

 Yes, not forgetting our cam whore in the toilet.
After which, was a meet up with the bridesmaids =D

 Gathering at Xin Wang

It was Chaos!

Meet up with Poly Khakis =D

 Cam whoring before Benson and Jolyn reach.

 This picture super dun look lyk me, but i LIKE!! hahaha

Had dinner at Shokudo.
was a super filling one! Hahha.
Head over to Strabucks near Butter Factory.

 and he started to act lyk a tourist.

 Welcome to SIngapore! =D

 Will always order Orange Juice if i dun feel lyk taking coffee =D

 Qin Feng took out this thing, and everyone starts taking picture with it.
It's a Chocolate condom.
Edible one, so it's not for use!

They used it tgt!
Gosh! what a scene.Hahha.

Went Butter Factory for the first time, not a good one.
Kinda boring, was so stuffy in thr.
Ventillation was pretty bad.
but still, must go with the right ppl =D Hahha.

end of post =D
will post my US trip soon!

Thursday, June 09, 2011, 1:34 AM
Happy Birthday To Me~

Yup, it's my birthday month =D
Just finished my celebration with my family, love one and friends =DDD
Super Happy!!
Now i shall upload ALL the pictures i have! hee.
First Up, was my bdae dinner with my family @ Le Bistro located at Indoor Stadium
French Cuisine.
Frankly Speaking, dun really suit me.
Maybe coz i dun really noe how to order.
But compared to italian cuisine, i prefer the latter.
 Tt's my daddy =D
Hahha, very nice environment.
It's also fine dining style, but u can choose to have either 2 course or 3 course ( Entree, Main and Dessert)
I chose Main and Desert, coz i dun really lyk any of the soup.=X

 My bro ordered the Tomato sth i guesss.
The soup is cold, and it came along with some olives.haha

 Sis ordered the cauliflower soup.
It's creamy type, those who likes to drink mushroom soup, may like having this.
Pretty nice.
Well, the recommented Entree was Onion Soup, i din get a gd picture of it, 
basically, its onion and a top layer of baked cheese.
Looking at it, makes me feel fat! so it's a no-no for me.hahah.

 My Main Dish!
Beef Tenderlion!
Super yummy.
Medium Rare! 
Normally when i order medium rare, it's the centre part which is medium rare, outer part is kinda well done.
But for this, outer layer was medium rare, in the centre was almost rare!
Gosh! It's simply delicious!!
Thumbs Up!

 Sis, Mum and Dad ordered Salmon.
It came with spinach, and spinach sauce.haha.
Eating the whole portion makes you feel gelate.
 Grilled Wagyu Beef ordered by Bro,
I din try, coz mummy said mine is nicer =D

 Oh, look at the inside of my Beef Tenderloin!

Lastly was Dessert. Favourite Warm chocolate.
This time round, the presentation and making of it was kinda different.
Warm chocolate was wrapped in fried popiah.
super gelate also! haha.
but awesome when eaten with vanilla ice cream with pistacho!

Mummy said, no more of such french cuisine, haha.
simply not used to it.


 Baby surprised me on 12 midnight =D
I super LOVE the wrapping paper.Hahaha.

Baby bought Canon Ixus for me =D
Coz he thinks my Sony camera sux big time.hahaha.
Thank you!!
Now i have my own camera, and it's super  light and convenient, i can carry it everywhere i go =D

 On the day of my bdae, i had dim sum @ Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant.
with Teddy, Xiang and Baby!
Hahha.bdae treat from them =)

We waited for about 45 mins for baby to reach.
but we ordered 3-5 items before he arrive.haha.
and look at this 2 guys, keep playing with their IPhone.
Both ignoring me!
But still, Thanks for the treat =DDD

In the evening, head over to fetch baby and vrrooom down for dinner =D

 Testing out my bdae present =D

 It's so difficult to make Baby smile for the camera.

 Yup, finally i see him smile, but i was too tired to smile properly.Hahaha.

 Met up with the others at Nazt Bistro @ Club Street

 Down the row: Teddy, Elmo, Angie and Darren

 Shuai la! This picture gd enough to find a good wife =D Hahha.

 Baby showed me the special effects of the camera, haha,super amazed by it.
This is the Toy Camera Effect.

 Fish Eye Effect

 Darling Angie always camera ready =O

 Hahha.Fish eye effect on Director Teo.

 Monochrome effect

 This was super candid.hahah,
Camera Ready =))))

 Miniature Effect

 Poster Effect

I din try this.
Their Calamari was NICE!!!
and mushrooms too.
 Now i noe y some bloggers had some really fake photos.
It's coz of this camera effect.haha


 Another duno wad effect.hahah


Meat super soft, and smell was super strong!
Cant stand the smell.
Not a fan of lambshank!

 Baby Chia loves eating Meat.
He's a Carnivore.

 I forgot wad was this.
Only rmb it was Xing's.haha
Looks lyk some intestine to me =X

 Big Fatty Lobster!

 and finally STEAK!!
Nt as nice as the one i ate at Le Bistro.

 My Special Birthday Cake from Emicakes.
It's all chocolate moose.
looks lovely =D
 Secret wish *

 Ooo~Pretty babe! Hahha.

 Thanks for coming =DD
Y teddy so happy?

 Wee!! Baby smiled =DD

 Grown up Darling =D

 Wad a nice side view.

 Forever so playful.Haha.

 The pretty ladies =)


 Manda =)

 Baby <3

 After dinner, went to PS for Kung Fu Panda 2!
Gt this lucky draw ticket. I won a 50oz popcorn, but can only be redeemed on 15 august -_-
Super nice try, by the time i have forgotten bout it.

 Our winnings =DD

 Darren =)

 Xiao Zhu/Brad pit/ duno whoever

My Total Winnings =D Hahha.

 While waiting for movie to start...
Baby is the Winner!!! =DD
Elmo lousiest! *boo* =X

 Trying out my new camera =DD 
Hahah.im falling in love with it!
Thanks baby for the wonderful toy.

 My eye bag!

 YUp yup!
Meeting up with my Darlings!
Love them lot lot! 
friendship since sec sch =DD
Haha.cherish them the most!
Had dinner at Lido
one of the Jap restuarant thr.
Not quite bad =)
and tt's Ting reading the menu seriously.haha.
She's always has been a mother to me =)
Love her <3

 Sweetie Steph, Sweetest in the world.haha.
but u're nt sweet when u say i become fat!
but i still love ur honest comment =D
Hearts <3

 Is this considered ugly?
but no worries, nobody will read my blog.
ur secrets' safe with me =*

 Ting showed us her photos taken with her bf at Taiwan.
Steph and I keep commenting bout her big B**bS
seriously ......
We're just envy *_*

 My portion.
7pcs Salmon Sashimi.

 Stephie's portion. 
Cha Soba, Gindara and Set C.

Ting's Portion.
Chicken don and Set C.

Ting wad u doin???
They bought me a Shu Umera concealer and Maybelline Macara =D
Hahha.Thanks darlings!!
Hope to see u girls soon.
Meeting u is contagious!!!

Rushed home for this belated bdae cake.Hahah.
My aunt bought it from err..baskin&....sth...
The new ice cream shop tt was set up in Spore.
forgot wad's the name.

anyway, it was cute! and it's an ice cream cake =D

 Look at my super happy and round face!
made up of 6-7 ice cream cones on top!

 Cant wait to eat it up!

 Baby happy like a kid!
Hahha.u hold it upside down!!

 Sis new permed hair.

Pretty me with the ugly clown.Hahaha.
I like the effect of the concealer.
mayb coz the make-up artist put quite alot.
but i liked it =D

Alright! End!
Shall update tml again!
Coming up Next: Baby's Birthday =D